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Ritchie County was formed on February 18th, 1843 and named in honor of Thomas Ritchie, a Richmond, Virginia journalist, who referred to it as "my little gem." Today, no matter where you ramble in the county, the tales of wild cat oil boom days, fortunes made in timber and family legends that reach as far back as the Civil War remain.

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Bank of Cairo Museum

Bank of Cairo Museum

The Road Back in Time

To visit Ritchie County is to take the road back in time. Travel to times gone by when you walk through the doors of the oldest 5 & Dime in the nation; the 13,000-square foot auto museum presented as a mid-1940’s car dealership; the B & O Railroad Depot still in its original design; or the Old Stone House Museum, constructed in 1810-1815 and now transformed into a museum of 20-plus rooms and a genealogy library. Visit North Bend State Park, to enter the forest, mostly untouched and allowed to mature in its natural state since the park was established in 1951.

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Arlo’s Indoor Flea Market & Flower Barn

Arlo’s Indoor Flea Market & Flower Barn

Quaint Small-Town Shopping

Enjoy the unique variety of merchandise and one-on-one customer service only small-town shopping can provide. From the antique furniture, glass and toys of yesterday to the handmade furniture, glassware and marbles of today, Ritchie County offers a variety of quaint small-town shopping. A stop at North Bend State Park offers the shopper a moment to relax and view the lush forests of Ritchie County.

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North Bend Rail Trail

North Bend Rail Trail

Where the Rails Once Ran

The Ride the rails once more in spirit as you travel throughout Ritchie County and make stops along the North Bend Rail Trail, once part of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad. The rail trail, popular among hikers, bikers and horseback riders, follows the area’s hilly terrain and winding creeks, which necessitated the railroad to build 36 bridges and 23 tunnels, 13 of which still exist, including the # 19 Silver Run Tunnel, rumored to be haunted by the mysterious woman in white. With access in Cairo, Ellenboro and Pennsboro, the rail trail may also be reached from within North Bend State Park, using an access trail.

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Tour Planning

For assistance in planning your group tour please contact either the Ritchie County Tourism & Visitors Bureau, Inc., or North Bend State Park at:

Ritchie County TVB

PO Box 116

Harrisville, WV 26362

833.290.8659 (toll free)

North Bend State Park

202 North Bend State Park Road

Cairo, WV 26337